Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection shampoo&conditioner

Another review for one of my beloved brands, TIGI. Well, let's be honest here, it's my all time favourite brand for shampoo, they make the fabulous S-Factor range and I have talked about some of these products here before.

However, I had never got to try out the Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection up until recently... and it's really good.

The shampoo and conditioner I have come in 200 and 250 ml vibrant red tube bottles each, I seriously love that packaging, even though I very much prefer the bigger salon size bottles for TIGI. If you ever go TIGI, go big.

The most wonderful thing about the TIGI products though (and lets all agree on that) is the scent. They all have this phenomenal sweet-like-candy scent that makes me want to indulge on a spoonful of what it's supposed to be applied on my hair. I'm not particularly good at describing scents, but to me it's just like a strawberries and champaign Haagendazs ice cream I used to cram in my mouth all the time (before I met my friends Ben and Jerry that is). The scent lingers on my hair until my next hair wash day and all I want to do is to endlessly smell and touch my hair.

As for the actual claim of resurrecting your hair? Well, let's just say that they don't actually "resurrect" anything, if you have extremely damaged hair, shampoos and conditioners are only going to do a portion of the TLC you need, but I have to say they leave my hair silky smooth and I could comb it easier than when I used my other shampoo and conditioner combos. It also helped making them quite stronger and I noticed less hair breakage.

That was when I used a hair dye that made my hair extremely dry and brittle, but now I've used another dye that is infused with argan oil and my hair isn't lacking moisture anymore, I've just noticed that my hair is just ok by using the Resurrection combo in a wash day and a hair mask weekly for that extra something something.

I would totally recommend this combo if your hair is damaged, brittle and lacks moisture plus, you'll definately fall in love with the scent!

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  1. Everyone have its favourite brand for shampoo and conditioner, well my favourite brand is alterna shampoo. I use this product in my hairs. It really smells good from my hairs after washed them, and this shampoo makes my hairs quite strong too.


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