Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Essence Get Big Lashes review

It's time I talked about one of my all time favourite mascaras, the Get Big Lashes by Essence.

I have to say that Essence makes another one of my faves, the I love Extreme. However, I've been so much in love with this one, that I've abandoned all the other mascaras, regardless of their brand, price tag or really any other criteria.

The formula of Get Big Lashes is great, it gives you really big lashes indeed! My biggest concern when I get a mascara is that it won't give me the volume I need. This one gives such a great volume, but it also separates them like no other volumising mascara I've ever used. The industry maybe thinks that volumising is having the clumpy spidery look, but no, I don't like that even though it's a current trend. It get a big thumbs up for the fanning effect!

It is also lengthening, but you can work your way up as much as you like, and it all depends on the coats you apply, so you can achieve a great-but-kinda-flashy look for the daytime in one coat and an exaggerated look for the nightime with more than 2 coats. 

I also really REALLY like the wand. It's a huge, densely packed one with natural bristles. Maybe it's only me, but natural bristles make me think that they grab the lashes more effectively.

What sold me though, was that this mascara is waterproof. Hear me out. 

I hate waterproof mascara. I cannot stand it on my eyelashes.

Every other waterproof mascara I've ever tried felt very heavy on my lashes and made them crispy and brittle. Plus, it would need some serious skills to remove it completely with minimum damage to my lashes and the area around my eyes (pulling the skin there is a big NO). However this one... not like that, at all. It feels like I don't have piled my eyelashes with cement and I take it off in a flash with a little of my trusted almond oil.

Last but certainly not least, the price is what I consider one of the best aspects. A little less that 4 euro in most stores here in Greece, you can't go wrong purchasing one of these for your collection!

I just love the effect on my face and you can see a pic I posted on Instagram last week with just one coat of this on. We have an HG people!

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  1. Great review! I love Essence mascaras, I always find a new HG among them!


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