Friday, November 21, 2014

Korres Raspberry Twist Lipsticks review and swatches

It's no secret that I am kinda obsessed with the Korres Twist lipsticks. When the first six came out about a year ago, I was alternating them every day for months. Now, there are six new ones and I just want to say that I'm in love.

They all come in a black jumbo lip pencil packaging with a colourful cap that indicates the shade each lipstick, which to me is a great perception.

What I love most is their texture. It's so buttery soft and luscious, to die for. They are all extremely moisturising, the lighter shades tend to be more sheer, but the darker ones have amazing pigmentation and great colour pay off on the lips. They give a more glossy effect on the lips, so if you prefer mats, these won't be your cup of tea. They go on so smooth and they feel like they melt on my lips and they have a slight scent of raspberries, not overpowering at all. I don't know if it's only me, but I take great pleasure in applying these on my lips.

I definately need to use a lipliner to line my lips first when I use the dark shades, because their texture is so moisturising and buttery, so there's a barrier that maked them more long lasting on my lips and they don't get all over my face. My lips are quite pigmented naturally and I like to apply the lighter shades even without a mirror. I guess their packaging helps on that, too.

Delight is the nude shade of the bunch and it's a nude I would personally wear because it's not one that makes me look dead. It's not really pigmented and it stays on my lips for about 3 hours, but it fades beautifully. However, as I said I have really pigmented lips and it may look somewhat darker than on other people, but it blends quite nicely with my natural lip colour.

Grace is a brown rose pink shade, that can suit every single pair of lips, This is a teeny bit darker than my natural lip shade and I find that I got a lot of wear out of this the previous days, I applied it on the go and I looked well put together instantly.

Dramatic is my favourite shade of them all, because it a mauve, as simple as that. I believe these shades look better with my complexion and I tend to buy them more. It looks darker in the packaging but it's quite sheerer in reality, but I also like its pigmentation.

Charm is a vibrant peachy pink, that I would definately wear a lot in the summer. I actually bealieve this is one of the shades that makes me look more awake and younger (as if), but also girly and playful.

Allure is an orange toned red, a very flashy red for me. Wearing this, you would get noticed and feel very sexy and feminine. Great name selection, indeed.

Seduction is the darkest sheade of the collection, a dark oxblood with a tiny hint of plum. It takes me more time and effort to apply it on my lips than the others, but it's worth it because it looks really good on. Definately an autumn-winter shade.

You will see these lipsticks in outfit posts and videos a lot in the future, I really enjoy wearing them! Maybe I'll also do a post with their new lipliners as well, because with the whole Kylie Jenner trend that's been going on, I kinda got used to wearing lipliners as well and the Korres ones are just phenomenal.

Hope you liked this post, please tell me if you want to see more like these in the future!


  1. Great swatches hun! I think I need Charm in my life or maybe Grace.............I don't know, I'm confused!

  2. Tnx for the swatches. I really needed to know how they look on the lips!

  3. I really like you post good blog,Thanks for your sharing.



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