Friday, February 3, 2012

What I loved in January

Hey everyone!

January passed by so quickly! I had a really nice time in January with the holidays and all, but I hate the cold!
I have a few favorites that I used throughout January and really liked! (I'm not going to mention my all time fav products that I also used in January, it would be so boring repeating myself over and over again...)

So, onto the products!


1. Garnier BB cream in Light. Loved it since the first day I used it! Review here!
2. Tommy G nailpolish in 414. I like the color and the quality is great, like all Tommy G I've tried so far.
3. ELF Studio Blush brush. I used this brush so much this month. I think I'll do a review on my ELF brushes soon...
4. Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose. Smells like roses and blueberries. I got this a few weeks ago and was instant love. I have a thing for Lancome perfumes, they just smell hauntingly amazing.
5. Essence Bronzing Mat Powder in 02. I like that it's mat, long lasting, great pigmented and so cheap!


Frozen yogurt
(pic taken from the yogen fruz website)

I have been obsessed with frozen yogurt lately. This is a new dessert for us greeks, however I tried it in England a while back and loved it. I wish I had a shop near my house so I could eat whenever I want! I have tried it in almost every shop avalaible in the Athens region, and I'd say my favorite is the Metro Mall one, called yogen fruz. Best fruit toppings ever, so yummy I can die.

Once upon a time

I don't watch greek TV at all, I think it's trashy and disgusting, but I really like some american series and shows. I accidentally bumped to to trailer of Once Upon a Time on Youtube and then watched the first episode online. I am hooked! It's seriously one of the best series of this season. It combines fairytales with modern world in a great storyline. I hope it keeps up being awesome the entire season!

What were your favorites for January?


  1. Greek TV it's trashy indeed, that's why we LOVE all these series from the US and the UK!! Once Upon a Time it's really good, when I watched the trailer back at August I couldn't wait to start, I had a feeling that it would be good and unique, and I was proved right! Same with Revenge, I seriously love these two this year! I wish I had a frozen yogurt shop near to me (I hate the suburbs), but when I do, I treat myself with one, I love pairing it with fresh strawberries!

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with the suburbs. I love the nature and the sea, but we don't have easy access to any cool shops and restaurants here :( I haven't watched Revenge, gonna watch one ep now!

    2. Do it and tell me if you like it!! I even managed my brother to get obsessed with it, and now I'm trying to convince him to watch the BBC Sherlock series, which is amazingly good btw!!

  2. aaw I hate the cold too!
    I really like tresor midnight! it smells awesome!
    I have never tasted frozen yogurt, but I really want to!
    I saw the trailer of ''once upon a time'' and I think I 'm gonna watch it full time! :)

    1. You have to try it! It's so tasty and healthier than ice cream!

  3. Το άρωμα είναι απίθανο!! :)
    Αυτήν την ΒΒ θέλω τόσο να την δοκιμάσω που θα μου πάει..

  4. Τα προϊόντα της essence έχουν γίνει πολύ της μόδας τελευταία ;)
    Μμμμ...το review από τα πινέλα της Elf θέλω πολύ να το δώ!
    Φιλιά xxx

  5. I love Tresor Midnight Rose, this my number one perfume


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