Saturday, December 14, 2013

My skincare routine

I know, I know. I was talking about doing this post for so long, months and months even. But I guess I wanted to actually talk about these products instead of writing down everything.

Also, I wanted to say that I get to try out new products and some get incorporated to my routine very often, so some of the products I show may change after a while, but I've stuck to them for quite some time now, so I thought they were worth mentioning.

As for your recommendations: I need a GOOD eye cream in my life. And for good, I mean the best. And not just a moisturising one that will be quite ok. And please don't tell me all about the Kiehl's avocado one, because I've tried it and it falls under that category. I need something extra extra nice for under eye circles, moisture, fine lines... pretty much what every eye cream I've tried promises, but doesn't do. I'm going to talk about where I stand in eye creams soon, but no eye cream has rocked my socks off yet.

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  1. It’s always fun to read a post like this because I get to see what others are using. It seems that you’re really into taking good care of your skin. You have great skin care products actually. And I can say that they work wonders on your skin. Your video proves it. Thanks for sharing this!
    William Barrett @ Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery


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