Friday, December 20, 2013

Preparing for the holidays: Glowing skin, shiny teeth and healthy body

I wanted to point out 3 products that I've been currently using as a good preparation for the festive season that is upon us! They are 3 products that would make you look a little bit more alive, glowing and bring out your most beautiful self in time for the parties and the festivities!

Castalia Chronoderm Vitamin C 10% serum

I think this is the best product to make your skin glow instantly. You either get a pack of 3 vitamin C phials or a pack of 14 phials (the 3 will last you for the holidays and that's what I got) and each one will last you 2-3 days. After that, you throw out the phial and you move on to the next one.

I can't say enough good things about vitamin C. Packed with antioxidants, it makes your skin brighter and creates a better texture. It diminishes your sun spots (hey, that's me!) and also makes your fine lines and wrinkles appear less striking.

I've been using this product for a few days now, I got a phial extra at an event I went to, so they would last me a total of 12 days. I have seen instant results from the first day of use and I think my skin looks even better every day and I'm so impressed. I decided to use up all the phials, because I know there would be some serious all nighters these days and I need to look less dead. Marvelous product.

You can find it in your local pharmacy (Greeks). For everybody else, check if Castalia retails in your local pharmacies/stores, I know in some countries does. Oh, and it costs 12,90 euro but you can find deals in online pharmacies here. Do your research! Today I found the 3 phials for 6,45 euro here and the pack of 14 phials for 23,75 euro here. Bargain much?

iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

I don't know if I have mentioned it before on my blog, but I am a little bit OCD when it comes to my teeth. I don't smoke, I don't drink coffee or alcohol, so my teeth are whiter than everyone who does these things, but I take care of them as much as I possibly can to make them look great.

However for a long time I wanted to do some whitening session, but a) most dentists here do the whitening procedure using laser, which will make your teeth so sensitive and also they will get stained easier afterwards and b) it costs a freaking fortune, which I don't have (obviously).

So here comes iWhite. I got it in the hopes to see some mild whitening but holy molly! Ok, I already have white teeth, but this made my teeth even whiter from the first session.

You get a pack of 5 set of trays, so it will last you for 5 sessions. The instructions in the pack says that if you want to see the best results, use up all trays in consecutive days, so that would be 5 days in total. The trays are already filled with the whitening gel and you leave each set of trays for 20 minutes on your teeth, which was pretty easy to do. Aaaaand results!

I haven't used up all sets, because I saw results instantly and I don't really like the fake white effect. BUT! If you are a smoker, or a coffee drinker, or you have a natural yellow hue to your teeth, I would recommend to do all 5 sessions in 5 days. I didn't feel my teeth more sensitive after the use, so you don't have to be worried about that as well!

The best thing is the cost. Believe it or not, it costs less thatn 35 euro. You can find it in your local pharmacy (Greeks and probably the rest of the world). The cheapest I found the kit today was for 18.80 euro at an online pharmacy here but also ASOS sells the kits too for 34.25 euro here. Oh yes.

Pro Active Liquid Collagen

This is the product I am actually still hesitant about. It has been a few months that these drinking collagen thingies are a huge thing here in Greece and everyone and their mother has tried them. Well, my mother had actually tried it, but I hadn't until a few days ago.

This is a pretty simple product to use. You pour a cap in glass of water every day and you drink it. It promises better looking, skin, nails, hair and less problems with your joints. Generally, a healthier body.

It comes in a 500 ml bottle that would last you for approximately 25 days. I opted for the strawberry flavour (of course), but it also comes in a lemon flavour. It tastes ok, but I like to drink it in very cold water and I mix it in only half a glass.

As for the results, I have more energy these days, but I can't say my skin is looking better because of this product. My hair however, doesn't shed that much while I've been drinking it, so I guess it's the works of the collagen.

This is a very pricy product. In my local pharmacy it costs 50 euro, but again, you can find deals in online ones such as this one for 40 euro. I would say though that I believe it works better if you are in your 30s-40s-50s. While I am still 25, I didn't see so many results, but my mom who is in her 50s has seen significant ones.

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