Friday, December 6, 2013

What's on my face

I guess I've been wearing the same stuff over and over these days, so I had to share!

Seventeen X-Traordinaire mascara
A brand that I love and it's Greek! This mascara makes my lashes longer and adds volume, BUT it doesn't seem to work well on it's own on my eyelashes, so I pair it with..

Beauty Line Cosmeticks Ultra Volume Black mascara
I've had this mascara for a bit and I didn't bother to try it out. Boy was I wrong. I was out with friends and one of the girls had the longest, most feathery lashes I had ever seen. I had to ask. And she was wearing this mascara, the one I snobbed! Well, it's just fantastic and I feel I've found a great match.

Seventeen Natural Matte Silky Blush in Pale Rose
Again, Seventeen. This brand makes awesome products after all. I wanna buy all the stuff! The blush looks so great and I think it would compliment every skintone and it's easily wearable for every day. It seems I have a soft spot for pink blushes, no?

Kiko eyeshadow in 124
This was a gift along with some other Kiko stuff, and I have to say, I want Kiko to be sold in Greece! Lovely colour, it looks like a cooler shade of my fave Satin Taupe, but even more gorgeous blended on the bottom lashline.

Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy lipstick (link!)
Can I just say I resisted buying Rebel all last year but this fall I was all over that shade? However, one fine day before going to MAC, I thought I'd ordered some Wet n Wild (obviously it's the exact dupe), because a) way cheaper b) hadn't tried any lipstick from them. It did not dissapoint. I can't even. I need more.

Catrice Photofinish 18h Liquid foundation
Ok, yesterday around this time, I squealed from utter joy and happiness. Catrice finally, FINALLY is sold in Greece in Hondos Centers and that means now, I can buy this foundation without having to travel hundreds of miles. I'm telling you, if you want a foundation that doesn't look cakey but rather flawless, is dirt cheap (6,5 euro) and it's almost full coverage but you don't feel it on your skin like a freaking mask, buy this one. 

MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow
I did a B2M some time ago and they just stopped giving lipsticks. Isn't that the dumbest idea ever? However, I got All That Glitters and it's an ok one for every day and I've been wearing it lots and lots. But seriously, if you own the Nakeds/Sleeks, don't bother. And I'm adding, I N G L O T.

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Esspresso Ink
One of the best dark brown gels, that looks gorgeous and not too harsh as a black would. I'm trying to use it up to buy some Inglot (yes a haul is coming)

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
No words. My favourite, you know it.


  1. Θέλω το concealer και την μάσκαρα της beauty line!! Eπίσης... παρήγγειλα κραγιόν wet 'n wild και το συγκεκριμένο δεν το πήρα...στόκος.

    1. Θέλω να πάρω κ άλλα ρε! Να μου πεις ποια πήρες αν είναι να τα πάρω!

  2. Seventeen matte blushes are pure love <3 I want them all!

    1. Ugh they are not raved enough! I need to check out their other shades too

  3. I have to try the Collection concealer! Great products, I can't wait for the haul!

  4. Ok, it's high time I Tried Catrice! =)


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