Sunday, November 17, 2013

On my nightstand

The "what's on my nightstand/bedside table" has to be one of my all time favourite posts and I can't think of why I hadn't done it in the 2 years I have my blog and I seriously think it needs to be a tag, like the what's in my bag one! The reason being is, that I personally love what's on my nightstand and I think of everything as exceptionally good I reach for everything there (almost) every single day. Back in the day, it used to be a mess, now I keep less stuff on it so they have to be good!

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm
I have talked and talked about this. Last year on this very place were some Korres ones, but Nuxe made it as a night treatment for being so moisturising I even feel it in the next morning on my lips. It does go deep in my lips and stops them from getting dry and chapped. Find it here or here

I don't use it as a body butter, but as a hand creme. I cheated on L'Occitane's Shea Butter (but I still use it and love it). A recommendation by Anastasia on this video made me realise I had a travel size of Quince. I used it one night and the whole next day I didn't need apply hand cream. The best of all, is that it dries in literally seconds, you don't feel any residue on your hands but you feel that they are moisturised. Try it, it's THAT fabulous.

My favourite thing for my cuticles, it goes to show I own 3 now, and one of them has to be sitted on my nightstand.

Soap and Glory Heel Genious
My lovely friend Sophia brought me this from the UK and I seriously fell in love with it. I like to care for my feet in the winter, but I can't say I apply it every night, even though I should. It smells sweet and lemoney and helps my feet feeling moisturised.

Olive magazines
Yes, I like to cook (and eat). Well, I cook almost every day, and I have to get some inspiration from somewhere different than the internet sometimes. I seriously love this magazine because the recipes have never failed me.

Kindle Fire
I read every night since I was a kid and this device is one of my favourite things I own. Currently I'm reading the Goldfinch, I'll tell you how it is when I'm done. Leave me any recommendations!

I was a sworn hater of eye glasses from the moment I got my eyes checked. I've always worn contacts, but in the summer I caved and got these glasses from Firmoo. I can say that I still don't like wearing glasses outside, but I'm now used to wearing them at home all the time and they are very comfortable too! Who freaking knew.

Also, not pictured, I always have a glass of water right next to me because I may feel thirsty at night and need some!


  1. Very minimal - wish I could keep my dressing table so neat, it's full of clutter!

    1. Mine used to be like that, but if I can do it, you definately can too!

  2. 2 στα τέσσερα!!Εχω το nuxe και την κρέμα Soap&glory!!!!

  3. Αυτό το lip balm το θέλω οπωσδήποτε. Και την κρέμα από S&G! Τέλειο post, πολύ ενδιαφέρον Ολγάκι!


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