Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fall nails

Hey everyone!

I wasn't sure if I should make the nail stuff just one part of my fall favourites or a completely different post, but I gravitated towards the second, because I love nail polish and I had the excuse to talk about it a little more!

The thing that happened quite often this fall, was that I got asked a lot about my nail colour. On the street, public transport, events, you name it. It's strange, because I think I don't do anything special to my nails and I don't like nail art on every nail that much (it's time consuming and I get bored more easily having it on).

When it comes to nail polish, I describe myself as abnoxious. I get bored of my nails really quickly, so I change colours constantly like a crazy person. I cannot go with one colour/style for more than 3 days and it would be a rare occasion if I liked one nail polish and wear it more than a week. However, I have the tendency to wear the same colours over and over again (and yes, I am one of those people that have almost finished many bottles of nail polish. IT CAN HAPPEN.)

After a summer full of neons and pastels, I wanted to go more on rich and dark colours, yet I liked muted pastels as well. I chose some of the nail polishes I wore more than twice over the span of this fall, to make it kinda like favourites.

As you can see, most of them are Korres. I have been obsessing over all of them and I plan to buy more. It's nice that it's a brand that I can find pretty cheap in pharmacies here in Greece.

From left to right: Ruby Red, Metallic Black, Nude, Washed Off Pink, Metallic Red

They are true to their name eg. Metallic Black is a black with tiny flecks of glitter. I love them all and I have been using them a lot. If I had to choose favourites from them, I'd say Ruby Red and Metallic Black would take the top two, but they are all equally nice.

They were all parts of individual sets that Korres came up recently, so if you want me to review any of them let me know.

Recently Essence had their nail polish packaging and formula changed and there were added some new colours in the range. I was happy to find out that the nail polish brush changed as well and looked like the Catrice one. So, I had to buy some of the new ones. I really liked their old formula and I do like the new one as well. I saw that they had slightly changed the colours, even they kept the names the same. 

My favourite from the new range is Ballerina's Charm, a muted purple gray. Also, I got some from their old collection which they were not realease in the new one, which is a shame. My favourite from them is Hard to Resist, a deep blue with blue shimmer, ultra shiny!

Of course I have to include Butter London's Wallis, an absolute nail polish crush. I got it last year, but I didn't like it that much, that it got forgotten in the back of my nail drawer. As I was cleaning up, I decided to try it out again and I never looked back. It's been sitting on my desk, getting admired as it's supposed to. It's a very unique olive green gold with gold shimmer. I know A-England makes a dupe of it, but it doesn't come too close. Also, it's one of the best Butter Londons I got in terms of formulation, it works really great and applies like a dream.

I don't want to buy any more nail polish, as I have gazillions of them, but I'm really eyeing some more Essence and the OPI Skyfall collection (which I may or may not put in my cart already).

What are your favourite nail polishes for the fall?


  1. έχουμε αρκετά κοινά!θελω πολύ να δοκιμασω Butter london και ψαχνω απο που να τα παραγγείλω!εσύ απο που το είχες προμηθευτεί?Απο την skyfall opi θέλω να πάρω το σετάκι με τα mini!μου άρεσε πολύ ειδικά εκείνω το χρυσό είναι πολύ ιδιαίτερο!φιλιά

  2. This Butter London polish is such a beauty! So is the blue Essence, too bad it's not available any more!

  3. Lovely collection! Could you recommend me a great nail product that strengthens nails, because of the weather in England currently my nails are breaking :(, xoxo.

    1. My nails are not brittle, but I had used Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen in the past and it work as a charm! Hope I helped!

  4. go and buy something from the skyfall collection!I got two of them and I want more!

  5. OMG!
    These colours are all wonderful!!!

  6. polu wraia xrwmata! phres ola ta set tou korre re 8hrio? :P

  7. Πολύ ωραία χρωματάκια! Τα αγαπημένα μου? Δεν ξέρω, είναι πάρα πολλά!

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  9. μιαμ μιααααμ! είναι υπέροχα ΟΛΑ!
    Αν σε ενδιαφέρει, τρέχει ένας διαγωνισμός στο blog μου. Αν σ'ενδιαφέρει δήλωσε συμμετοχή
    φιλάκιααα :***


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