Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty Elixir

Hey everyone!

Some girls had questions about Beauty Elixir I mentioned on my last post, so I decided to do a full review on it.
I hold this product very dearly om my skincare stash and I really think it's a class on it's own!

The packaging
It comes in a translucent glass spray bottle with a silver plastic cap. I really like the glass exterior, but it's not that travel friendly. It comes in 30 ml and 100 ml sizes. I haven't ever used the 30 ml one. I guess it's a purse size, but mine can't hold on any more, so I haven't bought it!

The actual product
You can smell the scent once you open the cap. The main ingredients are: extracts of grape, essential oil of rosemary, orange blossom and rose extracts, benzoin, myrrh, essential oils of organic balm mint and mint. I can really smell the grapes and the distinct kick of mint. I don't have a professional nose for scents after all! The thing I can say for sure is that it's really refreshing and moisturizing. It minimises the pores, helps with dehydrated skin and has even helped with some pimples I have that time of the month.

How I use it
Now, this can be used in different occassions. You have to shake it first and then spray it on your face, you can see some oils floating on the surface and these have to be incorporated. I use it after I've applied moisturiser, as a final boost on my daily skin care. You can also use it after you've finished all your make up, to give an extra radiance and glow. In that way, it's like Fix+ by MAC, but I consider this is better. There is a similar water/lotion spray by The Body Shop, with a huge difference in price that does the same as Fix+ and Beauty Elixir in terms of a finishing makeup product. I can't say I would choose anything else than Beauty Elixir, simply because I like using it for its skincare properties. And of course, you can use it whenever you like, just for a burst of hydration!
I store it in the fridge in the summer, Athens is boiling hot then! As this is completely organic and natural, I can't let it outside.

This is my fourth bottle and each one has lasted me a long time. It retails for €36 on feelunique. In France it's a lot cheaper, but any local pharmacies didn't sell Caudalie products, so I order it online. Today though, the lovely Sophia from Carousel Coral told me she had seen it in several ones in the past here in Athens and sent me this link. As you can see, you can find it less than the feelunique price in Greece, so ask your local pharmacy if they have any Caudalie products.

I can see why it has maintained such popularity, it's a must have and a staple for me!

Have you tried Beauty Elixir?


  1. Thanks for the mention hun!!! Great review! I've only tried the Mac Fix+ but it broke me out badly, well it's not a surprise anything new I try breaks me out but anyway, I read somewhere that the Caudalie Beauty Elixir contains rosemary that helps with acne, sooooo I may try it!

  2. πόσο πολύ θέλω να το δοκιμάσω μετά από αυτό που διάβασα!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great product. I have tired and use some other Caudali´s products and they all have been very good.

  4. Hi! Στο blog μου σε περιμένει ενα βραβειάκι tag!!!
    BTW: Το beauty elixir ειναι ηδη στην wishlist μου!!
    Kisses Maria

  5. Sorry σου έστειλα νωρίτερα μηνυμα για το βραβειο πιστεύοντας πως θα προλάβαινα να κανω το post αλλα κατι έτυχε και έπρεπε να φύγω απο το σπίτι!
    το βραβείο σου σε περιμένει τώρα (προς αποφυγή παρεξηγήσεων)απλώς λάθος εκτίμηση χρόνου.σορρυ..kisse

  6. oh my god! I knew I wanted it the first time I saw it! You should give me yours or something!

  7. Eίναι καταπληκτικό προϊόν!!! Το είχα δοκιμάσει παλιά και μόλις μου το θύμισες!!!
    Great review!!!XXX


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