Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It's no secret I have dry and very sensitive skin. Around this time of the year I guess it has always been the worst for me, clearly because of the change of weather in Athens. Me and my skin haven't been good friends and although we've tried to work it out through the years, every November/December my skin is having a sudden rebellion.

It started a few days before I left for the Netherlands, when I noticed discomfort around my face and neck. And by discomfort I mean my skin starting to feel extremely tight, itchy and the slightest touch made it red. I had 5 very big fire red patches on my cheeks and neck, so not only it felt weird, but it also looked horrendous. And to top that, I suddenly broke out on my jawline, near my chin. I have to say here that I have NO allergies to any food, drink or anything in general and I was not at all stressed out, it's just how my skin reacts sometimes. Readers of this blog probably have read some of my rants and people who know me, they might have seen me going around with a red mark on my face/neck. Such a pleasant image indeed. Well, I tried a calming mask by Apivita, some serums and aloe vera straight from my garden, but nothing worked, until I discovered in the back of my skincare drawer a LRP Toleriane Ultra with a few uses left (3 to be exact).

I think I have talked about it in the past, but really briefly because I don't think I was that impressed back then. This moisturiser is addressed for people who have very sensitive skin. It's quite soft and a tad thicker than your typical moisturiser, but not balm-thick and applies wonderfully. And can I just say I love the hygenic packaging? It's suitable for all skintypes and I was shocked because I didn't have to apply a different moisturiser on my nose as I would normally do (dry skin-combination nose). It didn't feel heavy or not moisturising enough either. It was exactly what I needed.

But this thing is seriously intense. I had a blotchy face all day, I applied this at night and in the next morning everything had calmed down. I was still kinda reddish on those spots but it had almost gone. I applied it again morning and night the day after, and then I got a brand new one in my local pharmacy. Now that I'm thinking of it, I wish I had taken some before and after pictures to show you the difference (or maybe not, in case you get scared of people with a bloated face). I goes a looong way, you need 2 pumps for your face and neck (DO NOT forget your neck). Plus, I've stopped using eye cream for a while now and this definately works for your eye area too.

You can find it here, here, here or at your local drugstore/pharmacy as I did. The price for it in a pharmacy in Greece is around the 16 euro mark, but I'm sure there are several deals going on online ones right now (yes, french pharmaceuticals are waaaaay cheaper in Greece).

To all sensitive skin ladies (and guys) out there. This works wonders, buy it.


  1. La Roche-Posay is one of the best skincare brands for me - if not the best. I will definitely search for this little guy! Very useful review!

  2. Well I have exactly the same symptoms minus the fire red patches but my nose is peeling on the sides which is sometimes worse! My savior is bepanthol-either the blue or the pink you can use even for tatoos- and lasf winter I spent many days applying it multiple times a day-I actually spent two of them..maybe I should give toleriane a chance now that I'm running low.thanks for the review dear!


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