Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rêve de miel

I was tempted to try out the Reve de Miel range by Nuxe, for a long long time. I saw it in pharmacies in my town for years, but I kept going back to Vichy, La Roche Posay and Korres all the time.

Since there was a huge wave of raving about the products and I was out of moisturisers, cleansers and eye cream, I got myself some little treats. I didn't like everything I got (or I should say, my skin didn't?). Luckily, the cleanser was the best of the bunch and I say with certainty it's one of the best cleansers of the french pharmacyland I've tried so far.

The bottle it comes in, is plastic and boring, but it has a pump which is always nice and makes the process easier. The cleanser I got is for dry and sensitive skin and it's a little bit darker in colour than the one that is for all skin types.

It's a gel cleanser that doesn't lather a lot, but it works. I was left with a freshly clean face, with no impurities on. I didn't feel my skin getting stretched or dried out, but it wasn't too moisturising either, it was just right.

The smell is to die for. I love everything honey scented, but this little guy was the absolute dream of honey. The sunflower was a perfect note to compliment the honey scent beautifully. I am wowed every time I wash my face, it smells so freaking fantastic I want to eat it!

I got it from an online greek pharmacy at around 10 euro plus shipping. The amount you get is, again standard, at 200 ml per bottle and you only need a pump of product for each wash. 

So as you have imagined, everything so far is fine by me! It has become a staple in my routine now and I'm currently trying out new skincare stuff, because my skin always does its own thing and didn't appreciate the rest Reve de Miel products I tried on it.

I have to make a honourable mention here, as I am still talking about this range as a whole. I was very much sucked into the Reve de Miel hype, that I had to have the lip balm too. Believe me, I liked the product and the nice glass container. However, I had a serious WTF moment the first time I put it on. I knew it yould be mat and smell like lemon pie which it does, and also feel somewhat grainy, which it doesn't. It just wasn't glossy and at all and even though it does melt a little bit, the texture is not smooth, but not sticky either. It goes completely mat and it doesn't sink in, but it just leaves a film on your lips.

It smells like orange zest to me, but the scent fades away easily. I wanted this as a night treatment and it works well as that, so it has its own little place on my nightstand now. It wouldn't work as any other conventional lip balm for me, because: a. I don't do the whole finger dip thing in the middle of my hectic day out and b. it doesn't feel like it gives any moisture the moment you put it on. It just needs its time to work and I get that, but it wouldn't work on me during the day.

The really amazing thing that this does, is that it stays on my lips and doesn't wear out after the whole 8 hours of my turbulent sleep and I can feel it on, I get up and it's still there, against all odds. The other good thing I've noticed these 2 weeks I'm using it, is that I don't need to apply any lip balm more than once the next day. I tried the Creme de Rose by Dior for a while as a night treatment as well, and I have to say that they both moisturise my lips very well, but I feel I need to apply lip balm more times during the day when using Creme de Rose before going to bed.

As a lipstick base it's the best I've tried. I can understand the raves and I love it as a night treatment, so I would recommend it to you, but if you need something cheaper, go with the Yes to carrots sticks, which are easier to use and moisturise your lips just as well as this.

Have you tried anything from the Rêve de Miel range? I'm thinking about getting the shampoo and showel gel now!


  1. to lip balm to phra prox8es kai to exw erwteutei! polu endiaferon kai to sapouni pantws!!! eidika logw tou arwmatos tou!!


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