Sunday, October 16, 2011

20's girl

Some days ago, I watched Midnight in Paris in the cinema. I really liked this film, not only because of the plot, direction and wonderful views of Paris. The costumes and styling were 20's inspired and I really loved the work they did.

The 1920's is one of my favourite eras fashionwise. 
The glamorous dresses, the little hats, the Charleston shoes, I love them all.
More skin is reavealed than ever before, and pants were into the pisture for womenwear, something that was introduced by the then new to fashion world Coco Chanel.
There is so much glam and luxury in that decades clothing and makeup!

I really like seeing styles inspired by the 20's on catwalks and editorials.

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  1. First of all WELCOME to blogging!! :-)
    I watched ''midnight in Paris'' and I really liked it too!
    My favourite era in fashion is the 20's and the 50's!
    Great post!

  2. Thank you! I loved this movie :)

  3. I love looking at 20s-style clothing, but low waists are not something I can pull off well. Lately, I've been into the 60s. It's probably because I started getting into "Mad Men" and "Pan Am."

  4. I love Mad Men! Great show and amazing styling of clothes

  5. I want to watch this movie too! Lovely pictures, I want a headband and a red lipstick now!! :D

  6. Θελω τοσο καιρο να κανω ενα βιντεο με μακιγιαζ απο 20's!
    Lovely post :)

  7. 20's fashion is lovely. this inspires me to make a 20's inspired party :)
    anyways, im having a giveaway on my blog,
    hope you can join :)

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