Monday, October 6, 2014

10 nail polishes for fall

I have to admit that I wanted to do more than 10 nail polishes, but these are what I've been wearing a lot lately, two of them being brand new in my collection. You see a lot of Essie... you guessed it, I've been hoarding them again!

Thumb: Golden Rose Rich Color 101 An off-white almost grey with some weird duochrome going on. My kind of white polish
Index: Essie Hot Coco Very warm and chocolatey. Yes.
Middle: Essie Mind Your Mittens Great name selection there and one of my most recent ones. Came in last fall's collection and I had to get this navy goodness. With a little hint of grey and green, this is what I've been wearing lots.
Ring: H&M Did I Tell You? I don't think you can find this one right now, but there's an exact dupe in stores in a different packaging. Over a black polish, this blue glitter is the bomb. Wear it and wait for a storm of compliments!
Pinky: Chanel Pirate My go-to red polish for this season. Very chic, yet not too vampy or bright.

Thumb: Butter London Wallis I can't get over this nail polish! It's a golden green with lots of shimmer and overall extraordinary. As soon as the weather gets cold, I'll have it on my nails. Sparkling, shimmering, splendid.
Index: Essie Bahama Mama Another new for me, I've been craving this little guy for such a long time! The perfect fall colour, a very rich plum purple with an amazing finish. I'm head over heels!
Middle: Essie Masquerade Belle A dark ruby red, vampy and velvety. You can find a lot of similar ones, like Wicked, but it's a brighter one. Just lovely.
Ring: Essie Smokin Hot Another one of my favourites. Is it brown, grey or purple? On my nails a lot these past years for sure!
Pinky: Essie All Tied Up Not great looking on the bottle, but very special on the nails. A orange/dusky rose with very subtle golden microshimmer, very opaque and gorgeous. It came in the summer 2012 collection, but I can't wear it any other season but fall.


  1. Σε θαυμάζω που διάλεξες μόνο 10 χαχα. Πολύ ωραίες επιλογές, το Bahama Mama το λατρεύω

  2. Υπέροχα χρώματα! Αλλά ξεχώρισα το μοβ της essie! Εκπληκτικό!

  3. Πολύ ωραίες αποχρώσεις τα essie είναι και δικά μου αγαπημένα! :)


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