Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April favourites

I still can't believe though how quickly this month passed. It's so freaking hot in Athens right now and I've already been to the beach, which I haven't ever done before in April. I'm ready for summer and making plans for my holidays (it's never too early!)

Onto the post, I made up my mind on doing the monthly favourites once again, as I have been trying tons of new products these past weeks. I don't have any new skincare products here, as I am pretty happy with what I've been using for months now, but I have new makeup items. Really exciting, many of them are lip products that I've been using a lot.

I have 2 other lip products that I haven't mentioned though because I haven't decided if I really love them or not, they're the MUFE lip stains which are great, but I find them drying on my lips, so they didn't make up to the list. I am trying many different brands of lip stains, I really like that they don't transfer colour whatsoever, but the drying factor of all of them is dissapointing me. If you have any recommendations, I'd like to hear them!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold
These are really easy to use and I generally have been liking all of the color tattoos and I need to get more of them. This shade s a really nice metallic rose gold eyeshadow that can look subtle for daytime.

MUA Undress Highlighter
Again, into the rose gold theme, I liked this highlighter and have been using it regularly since I got it. It has to be used with caution, as it has a lot of shimmer and you might actually look like a discoball if overdone. Overall, it's a really nice product and cheap as well!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate lipstick in 16
I have talked about it in this post. It's such a lovely colour and I have been rocking it all this month, so I can say no more!

Lavera lip balm in Bronze
Seeing this for the first time, this lip balm didn't impress me that much. However, when I found myself in a night out and had forgotten a lipstick and had only this lip balm one with me, it worked really well. It's moisturising and gives a nice bronzey sheen on your lips, but at the same time it doesn't have any glitter, so it's nice!

Maybelline Rocket Mascara
This is a new mascara I got at a Maybelline event, which I've been using every day. I really like it and it makes my eyelashes full and long. I don't know if I will be repurchasing though, let's see hoe it goes!

Korres Lip Butter Glosses
I have three and I wear them all the time. I really like that they hydrate the lips and give a little bit of a tint. The glossy look is not very long lasting, but you can feel your lips moisturised for hours. They will be my go-to lip glosses for summer, they are so easy to apply and their packaging is very compact and great for my handbag of travelling.

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick in Shocking Coral
I have been smitten with this lipstick and since I laid eyes on it, I had to have it. It's the perfect vibrant coral pink shade for my skintone for spring/summer. It's not drying on the lips and it has a lasting power of about 4 hours or so. I totally recommend checking out the whole Vivids collection for sure!

My nails for some weeks were very brittle. They have been peeling a lot for no particular reason and it was weirding me out, but now I kinda think it was because my Seche Vite had started to peel off in certain polishes I wore and made my nails more brittle. Thank god, for two weeks now they are so much better and stronger, so I change my nail polishes more often .

My nail combo for the last week or so was the Catrice Fred Said Red and OPI Goldeneye. It looked to me like I had it on for so long and just today I decided to change it! I've been re-loving the Cayrice nail poslishes I got last summer and I wish I could get some more. The formula is great and they last for very long on the nails.

Essie Absolutely Shore
It's maybe my favourite nail polish for spring (it's this one or For Audrey). I hate the brush though, I hope I can get my hands on the new and improved Essie polishes in a while!

Korres Flamingo Pink
This has been on my toes for 10 days already and now that I go to the beach, it looks amazing on, but I guess when I get a little more tan, it would look a million times better!

Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Shampoo
I have been liking this shampoo a lot this month. I was sent the shampoo along with the mask of the same line from Le Tif and instantly started using them. I have to say the shampoo is extremely moisturising and has been a saviour for my dry and processed hair. It smells very salon-ey and feels luxurious on my hair. 

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
It's that time of the year that I get obsessed with strawberries as they are in season, so I am constantly eating them. I have to smell like strawberries too, so I have been using this amazing body butter for TBS. A must have!

Bioten Bodyscape Serum 
I used this anticellulite serum all up, so I can really say that it has been a favourite. One thing that really struck me, is that it gets absorbed really quickly in 1-2 minutes or less as it's a serum and not a cream or an oil. As for its performance, I can't really say it does an amazing job on its own. These things only work if you exercise regularly and eat very healthy, so keep that in mind and not expect a miracle worker. On the plus side, it's not very pricey at about 11 euro, but I only used it once a day on my thighs and the bottle lasted me 20 days.

Foltene Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment
This product was my absolute favourite this month and really took me by surprise. It's an eyelash/brow treatment, but I only use it on my lashes every night before I go to sleep. It comes with a mascara wand, so it's extremely easy to apply. I have seen my eyelashes change and become stronger in a month, so I'm very curious to see what will come in the future. Needless to say, I will buy it again!

My favourite book of the month is A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. I read some Japanese themed books this month and I definately loved this one from page one. Also, if you have a Goodreads account add me here!

What are your April favourites?

Happy May everyone and happy Easter!


  1. love love love absolutely shore and the maybelline colour tattoo!

  2. Πανεμορφα όλα! Το συγκεκριμένο highlighter της MUA κι εγώ το έχω λιώσει!

  3. Φανταστικά προϊόντα! Το ένα καλύτερο απ' το άλλο :)

  4. Very nice choices, I love some of these stuff too.
    The wide Essie brush is not new is the European version, Greece for some weird reason has the US one


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