Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's in my travel makeup bag

I'll be leaving for a trip, so it was the perfect reason to show you what is in my makeup bag. I really like to try new things when I travel, so there's a lot of new stuff in there and I've added some samples for skincare I wanted to test out.

As for makeup related items, I wanted to take just a small eyeshadow palette with me, so the MUA Undressed was perfect for that. Also, my Pink Gold Color Tattoo which I've been loving a lot lately as it's super easy to apply and a really nice colour. The Garnier BB roll-on is pretty much a staple now and I use it every single day. I added the H&M liquid eyeliner, I prefer taking that on trips more than the Essence gel. For mascara there's nothing new there, I'll take the Volume Millinon Lashes which I actually got it in brown again.

I will be trying my new Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturiser and if I need any more coverage I'd use my Bare Minerals foundation. For cheeks, I will take my Seventeen Natural Matte Blusher in Pale Rose, my MUA Undress Highlighter and my Korres stick blush in Natural. I thought this would be a nice for a more bronzey look, so let's see how this goes.

Something that I started using is an eyelash/brow treatment by Foltene. This is supposed to be a thickening treatment, but of course I will only use it on my eyelashes, as my eyebrows are naturally bushy (and the trendiest thing at the moment). For lips I only got the Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 16, which you HAVE to have, and the new Korres lipbutter lipgloss in Peach.

As you can see, I depend on samples for travelling. They come so much in handy and right now, I want to try out new things and maybe purchase later??

So, there are some samples of the Korres Milk Protein cleansing lotion, the Lavera 24h Moisturising Cream with Wild Rose and Organic Macadamia Nut and the Dermalogica essential cleansing solution in there. For eye cream, I got the Emu oil eye cream. I didn't really like the packaging, but it's perfect for travelling, super light and sturdy!

For hair, I just got a sample of Phyto 9, which is the best thing ever invented for my dry hair. For nails, I only got the Burt's Bees Lemon cuticle balm, a mini glass nail file from Mont Bleu and Essie Absolutely Shore (merely for touchups).

Lastly, there is some Pleats Please in my Travalo, a Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm and a Vichy Capital Soleil, because I might hit the beach (oh yes).

The essential duo of toothbrush/toothpaste and some deodorant are the only ones to add and I also think that I'll only take only a couple of brushes with me this time. Is it only me that I find them a pain to travel with?

I'd really like to know what's in your (travel) makeup bag too!


  1. I also take with me stuff I want to try out! I have the same color tattoo everyday with me, it's so convienient that it does not require a brush for its application. And I love that make-up bag (well, the whole Conscious series is great). Great post!

  2. I looove the bag!! Nice products also!! I want to try burts bee balm!!
    Great post!!

  3. I am impressed with your self control, I need more things for a weekend trip. I have made a video of my travel make up bag and there were like 5 times more stuff in for sure :)

    1. I know, right? I hope I can cope! It's not even a weekend trip, it's more

  4. Το τσαντάκι το λάτρεψα, πανέμορφο!
    Πολύ ωραίες οι επιλογές σου και πολύ έξυπνες για ταξίδι. Εννοείται θέλω να δοκιμάσω το Rimmel Kate lipstick και η συγκεκριμένη απόχρωση φαίνεται τέλεια αλλά και τα νέα του Κορρέ lipbutter lipgloss και το ρουζάκι σε στικ (καινούργιο και αυτό, έτσι?)
    Το Travalo επίσης ιδανικό για ταξίδια!!

    Να περάσεις τέλεια στο ταξιδάκι σου Όλγα μου ;-)


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