Monday, January 21, 2013

Apivita Natural Serums

Hey everyone!

We've established that I'm a serum girl. I love using them as part of my daily routine and I can't simply live without one, because they are so necessary for my poor dry skin.

Well, a couple months ago I went to an amazing bloggers event organised by Apivita. I love every product I've tried by the brand, especially their facial masks are simply the best. So, there was a goody bag waiting for me there, which had 2 of their new serums in, the Hydration and the Radiance. I had heard about them before, but I'd never got to use them, mostly because I was already very happy with my Caudalie SOS, but that was a great opportunity to check them out.

So, around Christmas, I started using them both. I have to tell you that I have pretty much high standards in terms of a serum and skincare in general. I have really dry skin and it's winter time, so it's that time of the year that I really need extra TLC. I like to use the Radiance serum in the morning and the Hydration one before I go to sleep, I feel they perform better that way.

Packaging wise, I'm really pleased. The glass bottle is not the most convenient for carrying around, but it's not very heavy to carry either. Also, they are somewhat transparent, so you can see how much product is left inside. I like the droplet applicator, but this means that the product gets to be in contact with air when you open it, which I'm not a fan of, regarding that the Radiance serum has vitamin C in it. Each bottle is 15 ml, which is very very little in my opinion. As you can probably see, I am almost out of them and it's not even been a full month of use.

The Hydration serum with aloe and hyaluronic acid would probably be my pick from the two. It has a runny but kind of clumpy consistency and smells very nice. I would say the scent is very serum-ey, very clean and fresh.

It does an amazing job in moisturising. It gets absorbed very easily by the skin and it's a perfect prep for the actual moisturiser. I can't recommend it highly enough really!

The Radiance serum with bilberry and vitamin C has a more milky and creamy consistency. It has a distinct lemony smell that doesn't linger on your skin, but it's very refreshing. I found that it did well on my skin, mostly in the morning time when I needed extra radiance. I liked it a lot!

Overall, both serums were surprisingly really really good! I loved the Hydration one and I will use both of them up (it won't be more than 3-5 days until that happens). However, I do have some concerns about them.

Each serum costs around 20 euro in greek pharmacies and contain 15 ml of product. The Caudalie SOS serum costs around 20 euro in Greece as well, but it contains exactly double the amount of product. I have considered repurchasing the hydration serum, but using it twice a day means that it would be gone in 15-20 days tops, and that to me is very little time. I really liked it but I wish there was more product in it to make it more cost effective.

Apivita has stepped up their game and it's very nice to see a greek brand to produce such amazing products. I will surely do a review of some of their facial scrubs and masks in later posts.


  1. Olga it's like you read my mind posting this right now, I was searching reviews for the Apivita Radiance Serum. Great review girl! I've read the best for the Radiance serum but yeah the amount is ridiculously small, I mean only 15 ml??

    1. Hahahaha I'm a psychic! Well, it's very little. I don't liked that, I want more product!

  2. this looks like a nice serum hun!nice post!
    love your blog overall!check if you want mine!

  3. I don't use serum at all, I don't how good or bad that is but I like your detailed review.

  4. We love your blog!
    We will be really glad if you visit ours

  5. Oh, good to know that the Caudalie SOS serum is not as expensive as I thought! The Apivita Vitamin C serum sound very enticing ;)



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