Thursday, September 27, 2012

More beauty with heart

Hey everyone!

It seems like a million years since I've done a review, so here I am with some new goodies I got!

I was invited to a Body Shop event about 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I couldn't attend because I had an exam the very next day. However, I was sent this lovely goody bag by them a few days later and I was excited to try everything out. I was going to buy the new BB cream regardless, so I was excited to find it in the goody bag!

Onto the review!

I've tried everything except the Nutriganics Drops of Youth, which came in a sample size. I mean, I am 24 and thought my skin doesn't need this yet. I'll give this to my mom though and let her try it out!

The first thing I decided to try was the BB cream. I've tried many BBs in the past and I use them in my everyday makeup. I was impressed by this one because it's colour adapting. What I mean by that is, that when you first apply it to your skin it's white with what looks like tiny black beads. It's not like a scrub, the concistency is vey light and creamy.

Then, when you blend it out, it adapts to the colour of your skin. You can actually see the colour changing! I got shade 01, which I guess is the lightest one, but it was great for me.

The coverage was really really light. If you have imperfections, this one won't cover them up. But I liked the glow I got, after all my skin is dry! For me, it's nice to use it in the morning, for a nice healthy looking skin. What I didn't like was the size and the price, it is just 25 ml and it costs 14 euro or so.

I saw some reviews on blogs and Youtube channels about the Tea Tree Pore Minimizer before I got it, so I knew what it was and how it worked. I have some visibles pores on my nose and on my cheeks, because I had acne when I was a teenager. The Burt's Bees scrub I use has helped a lot, but I feel that I need something extra.

It's a yellowish creamy texture and smells like Tea Tree. It smells clean and although it's not one of my favourite scents, I like it.

I don't normally use any primer before I apply my foundation because I hate applying silicones on my skin, but I've used this a few times and I've seen a little improvement on the pores of my cheeks. I came up to the conclusion that the more you use it, the better it works, as the last time my pores weren't very visible. I have also used it on it's own, without applying any makeup on. I didn't really see any difference by using it that way to be honest, but I'll continue to use it as a primer.

The Vineyard Peach body butter is by far my favourite of all. It smells exactly like peach and the scent lingers  for many hours!Like all the TBS body butters, it's super moisturising. As this is a limited edition product, I advise you to get it as soon as possible. I hope they come out with a shampoo of the same scent, I absolutely want my hair to smell like this!

Lip butters have become an obsession to me, I've bought several in the past weeks and I use them constantly. I use The Body Shop lip butters since I was 13 and they never dissapoint. This one smells like Dragon Fruit (I don't have the slightest idea of what it is, but I guess something tropical?). It smells fantastic and it's white! I heard girls complaining about this, that they made their lips white and all. I didn't have that problem, my lips are very pigmented and the thing just sank in. It is moisturising, but after 30 minutes or so, I didn't feel it on my lips. Maybe I need something more hydrating! However, I love that all the profits go to a charity and the smell is phenomenal!

Last but not least, I got a perfume oil in Atlas Mountain Rose. It reminds me of perfume bottles my grandmother had when I was little. This is not a spray, so you just apply the perfume with a small plastic stick on your wrists, neck and behind your ears. It smells amazing!!! You can call it a "simple" scent, but its simplicity makes it so elegant and girly. I know everyone who was on the event got a different scent, and I SO want to try all of them!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. i love body shop products!
    that body butter seems really great.

  2. what? the BB cream comes out in just 25ml?

    the TBS perfule oils remind me my youth :P and my favourite one, ananya!

    1. Only 25 ml, it's ridiculous, I want more!
      I have to try that one!

  3. I have tried the pore minimiser and it is ok but I am still not impress with my pores though, its ok just not woow!
    I love the body butter, I have used every butter from bodyshop an I love them all!
    I was so happy for the bb cream but of course as usual it is in my skin-tone (dark skin girl problem).
    You got amazing stuff and I love the smell of that cute perfume!!

  4. το perfume oil το εχω λατρεψει καθε μερα βαζω κ το εχω κ παντα πανω μου
    εχω το japanese blossom <3 ολα τα προιοντα βασικα χρησιμοποιω εμεινα πολυ ευχαριστημενη κ οσο για το lip balm μαλλον οι κοπελες που εχουν θεμα βαζουν πολυ γιατι αν βαλεις λιγο ειναι ακριβως ο,τι χρειαζονται τα χειλη οταν ειναι ξηρα απλα επειδη δν εχει χρωμα δε θελει ποσοτητα..
    ελπιζω να τα πουμε σε επομενη συναντηση φιλακιαα

  5. Το Tea Tree Pore Minimizer ειναι πολυ ψηλα στην "to buy" λιστα μου!!! Εχω ακουσει μονο τα καλυτερα...

  6. Εγώ έχω το Madagascan Vanilla Flower και το εχω φτάσει ήδη στη μέση! Μου αρέσει τόοοοοοοσο πολύ η μυρωδιά που αγόρασα και το body mist. :) Όσο για το Tea Tree Pore Minimizer νομίζω ότι μου έλυσε το πρόβλημα με τους μεγάαααλους πόρους. Όταν θα το τελειώσω ΟΛΟ θα κάνω review. Τα φιλιά μου!

  7. Φαίνονται τέλεια!! :)


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