Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Look good, feel good, do good

Hey everyone!

Last Wednesday I was invited on a bloggers event in The Body Shop in Kolonaki, Athens.

The brand's campaign "Beauty With Heart" with the slogan "Look Good - Feel Good - Do Good" promotes exactly what is says, a new shopping experience, where the customer looks and feels good while he/she cares for the community and the planet.

The ambassador of the campaign is the British model/actress Lily Cole, who is also an activist. Yeap, she's amazing!

This new campaign is part of the re-form of Body Shop stores with the addition of Pulse boutiques which promote "Beauty With Heart" in an eco friendly environment. The Pulse shops are designed to be cozy and welcoming while promoting the brands ethics and philosophy.

The event was great. I had the chance to visit the new Pulse store and of course, try out many products, some of them brand new, like the limited edition collection by Lily Cole and the Beautifying oils!

A special thanks to Dimitra Kaldi, who was so welcoming and fun! Made the experience in Pulse a lot more exciting!

Also, check out all my girls who were there as well (and are in the pic above) StavroulaDepyArgyroMaryRiaNatalie. I don't know why Gina isn't in the pic, she's probably having that hand massage! FYI, I kindly stole 2 pics from Depy and Natalie hehehe!

I got a nice goody bag as well, with 4 great products in:
Strawberry Body Butter (yum)
Moringa Shower Gel (my mom grabbed this on the next day of the event and I never got it back, but it smells delish)
Moringa Beautifying oil (amazing amazing amazing, review coming up)
Vitamin E Face Mist (Lucy did a review on it and I wanted it so bad. It's super nice!)


  1. The body butter smells amazing!I love strawberries and guess what!?-i got the strawberry beautifuing oil!!! woop woop yeaaah!

  2. prepei na ta perasate teleia sta bodyshop!
    ta dwrakia fainontai uperoxa:)



  3. Sounds like you had a whole bunch of fun!!!
    Body shop products are great.

  4. Ωραία περάσαμε!!! Για πες λεπτομέριες για το Strawberry Body Butter. :)

  5. Περάσαμε πολύ ωραία και το καινούριο μαγαζί είναι σούπερ!! Το Moringa Beautifying oil το έχω αγαπήσει!

  6. loved seeing you again!! Για το λαδάκι θα έχω να λέω για μέρες!!! Το έχω λατρέψει!!! =))


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