Sunday, January 29, 2012

Booming Trend: Tangerine & nail polish haul

Hey everyone!!!

Tangerine color is the one trend I really love for this spring! It's bold, happy and makes a definite statement however you choose to wear it: clothes, shoes, accessories or makeup.

Usually, I don't wear bright orange, but I will add some tangerine to my wardrobe and mix and match trends.
I have been eyeing Jaffa nail polish by Butter London for some time, this will be one of my first tangerine buys for this season!

Speaking of nail polish, I discovered a great offer these days in shops. I had never tried Tommy G nail polishes, but Gina convinced me to try them out as there is a "Buy 2-Get 2 for free" offer going on. She has mentioned them in her blog and by what I had seen they seemed ok. I thought "Hey, they're quite cheap, why not?" and bought for colors to try them out. Guess what. I loved them! Their quality is amazing, the colors are so nice and instantly became my favorites. I even went on the next day and bought four more! They cost 4,45 euros a bottle, so you just pay less than 9 euros for four nail polishes.

Here I should mention that I am a nail polish snob, I only liked and wore OPI, Essie, China Glaze and some by Butter London until the day I tried these bad boys. It's a greek brand, so if you live in Greece, go on and buy some, you'll love them! 


  1. ta mano auta ksepernoun se poiotita kai apodosi xrwmatos arketa akriva epwnuma,einai agora egguisis gia mena!!!megeia sou!!!

  2. Are them nail polishes , that good ?!?The truth is im an OPI freak :p Can you try and do some swatches with prices please , thanks :) xo


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