Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sexy Hair Power Straight Review

I've been trying lots of hair products lately, but a specific one is right up my alley. Sexy Hair is new to me, I hadn't tried any of their products, but this straightening balm seemed really promising.

It comes in a 100 ml plastic tube and I have to admit, I liked the packaging a lot and I do enjoy the colours as well (I'm getting the sultry vibes). The product itself is a clear gel-like balm, I wouldn't say it's got a runny consistency, but it applies well all over the hair like a thicker serum. It smells like candy to me, but not sickly sweet.

Practically, this is a balm that helps your hair get pin straight while you apply heat on it.

For me, the best way to use this, is after you've washed your hair, you let it air dry until it's almost completely dry, then apply Power Straight and move on to blow drying. I think it makes a huge difference rather than applying it on wet hair and then grabbing the blow dryer/flat iron/whatever device available. It cuts the styling time in half, so that means less damage too. Always acceptable by me!

It also makes my hair very smooth, like "I want to caress my own hair all the time" kind of smooth. The frizz was not there at all the times I used it and we've got some humid weather here, which kind of sucks for my skin too (but at least my hair looks ok).

You don't really need a lot for a full head of long hair like mine, just a pea sized amount is enough. If you overdo it, I guess it would be a greasy sticky situation, but start small and build up if necessary. You can find it online here or here and it's a bit on the expensive side but a tube will literally last me for months, I feel I haven't used anything at all.

This balm is going places.


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    Maria V.

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