Thursday, February 27, 2014

eBay statement necklaces

Remember a while back that I did a number of eBay posts? Well, I guess we're bringing sexy back and some statement necklaces with cheap price tags.

I am guilty of browsing eBay a few times a week and clicking the Buy Now sign ever so often. But statement necklaces are my soft spot, a pleasure that cannot be compared with any other in terms of jewellery shopping. The best thing ever is, that I can find pieces that I couldn't hunt down on stores like Zara, because they were sold out or replaced with new season ones. The term "inspired by" I think is veeery loosely used for these items because they are almost completely identical. And yes, they are way cheaper than the actual store ones.

I have a wishlist with necklaces, but a couple of them I already bought (don't judge, I know I am addicted).



  1. I have the second one and I love it!!
    I'll definetelly check out the other ones too!!

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